Cadets training programme

We aim to build confidence and competence in young sailors. During this course, we build on foundations and develop new skills so that the sailors feel comfortable and in control in their boats in a variety of conditions. Sailors will have a solid grounding in the sport and the tools they need to

pursue it further, in whatever capacity they choose. This programme is open to both optimist and topper sailors who have completed both the introduction to sailing 1 and introduction to sailing 2 (Sportmalta). Sailors who have completed other sailing programs may join the course after an assessment and recommendation of the coach. 


We work on;

  • Boat control
  • Stopping and accelerating
  • Start line boat handling: double tacks, scoops, etc
  • Sail Theory; the function of the sail controls and how to adapt them for conditions and sailing angle
  • Roll tacks and gybes
  • Mark rounding



Friday all boats 4-7pm (to resume in mid February)

Saturday Optimists 8.30-12.30pm 

Saturday Toppers 1.30-4.30pm



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