Final results of the Vikings Autumn Regatta 2021

Final results of the Vikings Autumn Regatta 2021

And its a wrap! The regatta came to a close yesterday after 2 days of sailing. A record 103 boats participated during this event. On the last day, we were battered by thunderstorms and heavy rain which delayed the start of the races. A total of 4 races were held throughout the weekend. This event was only possible thanks to over 40 volunteers that dedicated their time to make this event a success! Thank you Gauci Borda and Floriana Local Council for sponsoring the event.

The following are the winners in each class/category.

Optimist Open

1 Jonas Micallef

2 Timmy Vassallo

3 Ryder Croft


Optimist Cadet

1 Corey Joyce

2 Isaac Azzopardi

3 Nathan Montebello


Optimist Novice

1 Michael Wilson

2 Marianne Heller

3 Tom Ellul


Optimist Girl

1 Emily Fenech

2 Katrina Micallef

3 Sayon Bonnici


Optimist Novice Girl

1Marianne Heller

2 Sophie Everton

3 Emily Mallia


Laser 4.7/ILCA 4

1 Ben Vassallo

2 Daniel Ciantar

3 Matthew Cachia Debono


Laser 4.7/ILCA 4 girl

Lara Merten


Laser Radial/ILCA 6

1 Matthew Flores

2 Jean Paul Zahra

3 Michaela Mifsud


Laser Radial/ILCA 6 girl

Michaela Mifsud



1 Tobiasz Piasecki

2 Margaret Rees

3 Miguel Grech



1 Afonso Soutinho and Michaela Vertsoni

2 Michael Church and Luke Ransley

3 Danjel Fenech and Nathan Butigieg


SB 20

1 Careful Now

2 Outlaw

3 Team Chiara


Final results after 4 races below

Optimist Open

Optimist Novice



Fevas and Miracles

SB 20s